RMA Terms

Rules for Submitting and Processing an RMA:

All request for warranty return must be approved by the Xcel Global Wireless Solutions RMA department.

Prior to returning any product you MUST receive a valid RMA number. RMA numbers are valid for 7 days. If the RMA has expired, it must be resubmitted. The RMA number must be clearly legible on the outside of the box containing the returned equipment.

Each returned item must be shipped back to us complete: matching box with the ESN outside, label, battery, charger, handset, etc.  Buyer is responsible for shipping.

Ship to the following address, XCEL GLOBAL WIRELESS SOLUTIONS  1544 Wellborn Road, #141 Redan, GA 30074

Important Note: 

Products not approved for warranty will not be credited to your account. Please, do not ship non-warranted products to XCEL GLOBAL WIRELESS SOLUTIONS RMA department. Unapproved products received by the RMA department can be returned to the customers at the customers expense. Unapproved products that are not claimed within 30 days will become the property of XCEL GLOBAL WIRELESS SOLUTIONS. 

60 Days – Refurbish phones purchased from XCEL GLOBAL WIRELESS SOLUTIONS are covered under warranty for 60 days from the date of sale to the retailer. Item will be repaired or replaced.  

7 Days – New phones purchased from XCEL GLOBAL WIRELESS SOLUTIONS are covered under warranty for 7 days from the date of sale to the retailer. Item will be repaired or replaced.  

No Returns or Exchanges – SIM Cards, accessories, games, toys

Buyer’s Remorse – there is 30% restocking fee. This fee will be based on the current selling price. 

The warranty is voided for item(s) that are water/moisture damaged and/or physically abused. Xcel Global Wireless Solutions bases final acceptance upon examination.

Bluetooth headsets and memory cards carry a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Any phone kits that are approved by the RMA Department but have missing components will have the amount of credit reduced according to the following table: 

Battery 10% off purchase price

Charger 10% off purchase price

Other 10-15% off purchase price

Updated May 11, 2020